From the Crease: Tales of an Adult Hockey Goalie

From the Crease: Tales of an Adult Hockey Goalie

Hey, folks! 🏒 It's Mike, your resident puck-stopper here at Skull and Bones Hockey, and today, I'm bringing you right into the heart (and heat) of the action: the goalie crease in adult league hockey!

First off, being a goalie isn't just about catching pucks (or sometimes not). It's a sacred duty. I'm the last line of defense, the fortress gate, the final obstacle in the grand sport of 'let's try not to let that rubber thing hit the net.'

Let's chat about *that* feeling, the weight of the world, when a puck slips past. Goalies, we’re a unique breed. We wear our heart on our sleeve and every goal against us as if it's a personal affront. Every red light that beams is a public declaration of a slip, an error, a chink in our armor. Yet, remember this: before that puck whizzed past me, it had to dodge every one of our teammates. But sure, yeah, it’s *always* the goalie’s fault! 😉

Ever seen the rest of you have a massive, glaring red light go off every time you made a little mistake? Didn't think so! Cut us some slack, eh? And to my non-goalie mates: just a gentle reminder that it’s a team game. We all share the highs and lows, the goals and the saves.

Now, let's dive back into the quirkiness. Gear? While everyone else glides around, wind in their hair, I'm here wearing half my body weight in armor. Ever felt like you were attending a medieval jousting tournament? That's every Friday night for me.

Training as an adult goalie? Our stretching might resemble an attempt at advanced yoga, but it's just us marveling at our post-30 flexibility.

Then there are the shots. Adult league players have two kinds: the ones they’ve perfected since they were 10 (impressive) and the spontaneous ones they just conjured up (terrifying). As for breakaways, it's just you, the shooter, and a mutual acknowledgment of mutual unpredictability.

But despite its quirks, adult hockey is pure joy. It's about camaraderie, the hilarious mix-ups, and the dance moves when a puck decides to nest in someone's gear.

After the final buzzer, win or lose, there's the shared laughter while wearing our Skull and Bones hoodies and tees, recalling the night's misadventures.

We play for fun, friendships, and that occasional bruise we show off like a medal. I wouldn't change it for the world.

So, raise a stick to the love of the game, every player out there, and especially my fellow goalies. Keep those gloves high and spirits higher!

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Play hard, laugh harder. 🏴‍☠️🥅🏒

- Mike Baker , Skull and Bones Hockey
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